Saturday, March 22, 2008

belly full of porridge, 4 weeks to china

Loading Mc Cann's steel cut porridge in after 3 hours riding the south fork of Long Island in the wind, musing upon riding solo as the lone ranger along the shore this morning: I spent 60 miles imagining how in the name of god I will manage to do this ride at an intensity that will leave my tongue hanging by my chin, and my quads jiggling like jelly with fatigue: At least I am mentally training for my upcoming 5-day stage race in Chongming Island, off the coast of Shanghai.. I still am not quite sure how I got talked into this race: Lucretia, my old team mate from EAS / Aquafina / Lipton caught me at a weak moment, home with 103 degree temperature, foaming snot and rasping lungs.. she must have thought I was in training, instead of in bed.. 4 weeks later, I have a few long mountain bike rides under my belt, or bum, as it were, and a moderately intense crash course in training courtesy of my good friend and trainer Jen. ( I am working on the foaming thing, this time on the bike, mostly in the basement as work days are currently longer than daylight allows, while squishing in a ride or 2 each week to work, though the woods in the early light.. I wish the race was on cyclocross or MTB single speed bikes, I feel so dialed into the RIG right now.. Ah well: I have intermittent daydreams of holding my own as a part of the Kraft Genie / Champion systems team, but mostly, I dream about tucking in behind some big meaty australian chick and hanging on for dear life.. 4 hours tomorrow: I will definitely be taking that one into the woods, with Dennis for good company and whatever other loonies want to wear out their shorts in the early spring, Easter Sunday morning: is calling for 45 degrees and should be beautifully sunny, sandy spots are hard packed still, single track is tight, rolling and challenging on the RIG and the beech groves out by the dunes in Amagansett are calling. Should be going to mass: ah well, this is my kinda mass..More porridge in the pot..

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