Thursday, August 5, 2010

leaving for canada TR2010 in 36 hours!

New Spokespeople kit: want one?? : ) email me..
One large dose of antibiotics and one week later, Dennis is back to full form. We did our final training weekend with 5 days straight in the saddle, all the better to toughen up the nether regions for the Rockies. He is riding like a demon. I am riding like a woman possessed. I have finally tweaked my mountainbike until I am 95% happy with the set-up. No more crushed helmets, no more skinned knuckles: I cut a whole three inches off the bar width, to bring it in line with the singlespeed set up.. no wonder I was bouncing off the trees in the twisty stuff! I finally have the handling of this beast down, and since Sunday, feel better traction in the corners, run 5psi lower pressure without burning out in the bends, and can hit the downhills without the fork bouncing back into my jaw..
Ready for the RIDE..
Packing a few last things, I am amazed at how much stuff we need for a supported race. Bear bells and biffy bags, whodathunkit? Dennis has vowed to be the first to try the biffybag, a porta-potty for hikers and cyclists: mandatory gear since we will be riding in wilderness areas. I just made him promise not to use it IN the tent..

No cell phone reception, no computers, no iphones, no FB.. already sounds like a real holiday..
Here is what my (bike) doctor ordered..
Rx: Eat, ride, ride, ride, eat, drink, sleep, REPEAT x 7

See you in a week!


Jen G. said...

Good luck!!!!! Can't wait to read the TR report and I want a kit!!!

sandy said...


Stoker Sandy here. Just wanted to say hello. We are home and doing our thing. Funny..............I'm a PT too. Go figure. Who talks about work at stuff like TR. Captain Ted's shoulder is better but still not 100%.