Monday, February 1, 2010

Semester3 @ RMUoHP

Here I go again, launching into Semester #3 at RMUoHP. the first 2 were challenging, but very worthwhile, despite the sudden shift my life had to take. I kind of liken it to what some friends I know go through when they get pregnant and have a babby, except at the end of all this (much longer than 3 trimesters BTW) I will have a Ph.D, not a screaming child.. Phew.
One gruelling week in Utah later (snowboarding followed by serious schooling)
Courses as follows..
  • OS 707.2 Radiology: Dr Ken Schreibman
  • CC 611 Biostatistics 2:  Dr. Stephen Allison
  • CC 710 Research Methodology: Dr David Brown
  • OS Pharmacology: Dr Charles Ciccone
  • CC 707.2 Foundations of Educational Practice: Dr Stephen Chesbro
  • OS 706.2 DIS Grant writing / research funding: Dr Darin Padua
Heads down, the work began last week with Radiology exam already completed and submitted..
Now the heavy stuff starts..
Next stop, June 2010, beginning of Semester #4!

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