Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bermuda peeling

Bermuda; aaah: the feel of warm air on our goose-pimpled New York skin.. it didn't matter that it was howling a gale and flashing lightning as we disembarked from the plane: we were finally warm!
The trip to Bermuda for a 10k swim was a bit of a long-shot at the end of a summer of mountainbiking (a bit) and swimming ( not enough) and writing papers for school (a lot). However the enthusiasm of the swimmers was contagious, and we quickly got in the mood. A practice swim on the 2k section of the course was yummy, we could have stayed in forever.. the water in Harrington Sound is quite salty, so buoyancy was increased.. getting our white, glimmering backsides above water even more!! Check in was a hoot, serious goody bags including Bermuda Rum amongst other essentials,
Raceday start was relaxed, fun in the sun and a gentle current!
At 2k, we turned into the current to get around 3 little islands, then more cruising.. 4-6k was challenging with 2 foot chop, 12+kn of wind and minimal buoys: a lot of guessing regarding the course, I just got between these two old timers who looked like they knew where they were going..I wondered how Emi and my sister were faring. Knowing that Niamh loves the bumpy water and is very adept in open water swimming, I was really only a bit worried about the bergermeister..She swam like a trooper a couple of weeks back in difficult swimming circumstances, so I knew she wasn't a panicker.. she'd be fine..
6k in, my right shoulder started to talk to me, especially when sighting, pressing down on the water to lift up and buoy spot.. I was able to alter my stroke with longer strokes, firmer push past 90 and gentler recovery.. a bit stronger in the kick to balance the press while sighting..all stuff I should be doing anyway! I switched from alternate sides to breathing every 4 strokes on my more vanilla right side, and relaxed into the final stretches. 2K to go! The finish line was in sight, and I picked it up as best as my shoulder would allow.. sometimes it feels good to be a little restrained! I was happy gliding through the blue, checking out the starfish and stripey things en route to the finish line, staggering out at 2:55, funny to be back on shore..
Not yet registering the sunburn (idiot forgot to get her arse with the factor 40), my hip was the most demanding of my attention: I was limping after a 10k swim.. hilarious! Niamh tootled in at 3:30, Berger shortly after, trailing Harrington by only seconds..Rachelle came 3rd in the 2k swim, and Dennis was on hand enjoying the show, inspired to do the 4k next year..
Much fun that night on the town, hilarity on the plane, back to rain, wind and short days.. with peeling backsides.. Can't wait until 2010 swim, and now I have my eye on Rottnest 2013..contagious!

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Wingnut said...

Nice job on the swim. At least next time you'll know to wear some sunscreen!!