Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paving the way to better cycling in sag harbor Omigawd.. so much coverage, much to do..draft of letter to sag harbor village, proposing to recind laws currently on the books forbidding bikes on main street.. meeting village on Dec 9th: wish us luck!! To: Sag Harbor Village Board Date: November 25, 2008 Re: Cycling on Main Street / Village code 50-7: sections B, C As founding members of Spokespeople (an East End cycling advocacy organization), and following consultations with Chief Fabiano and Sag Harbor Village Mayor Greg Ferraris, we wish for the board to consider revisiting this code, especially section B, for the following reasons: To facilitate movement of cyclists in Sag Harbor Village by allowing access to Main Street by bicycle in the normal traffic flow, in accordance with New York State traffic law. To facilitate greater use of bicycles in the Village in conjunction with the goals of the group 725 Green, and toward a reduction of carbon emissions, energy consumption, and traffic congestion, as well as the Mayor’s mission to promote Sag Harbor as an example to other local towns and villages. To coordinate efforts of SPOKESPEOPLE and the Sag Harbor Village Police Department in educating the general public about the shared rights and responsibilities of all users of Village roads. To increase motor vehicle drivers’ awareness of the presence of non-motorized road users, leading to the enhanced safety of all users. Proposal: To delete the following sections of the Village code, 50-7: Section B: “(or) to ride a bicycle or any other wheeled vehicle propelled by gravity or the use of the rider’s feet;” and Section C: ‘it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the activity commonly known as “jogging” on any public sidewalk or pedestrian footpath along Main Street from the southerly line of Spring street to the southerly line of Bay street. As a group, we propose to promote the change in this ordinance with cycling safety clinics, demonstrations, and a regularly-scheduled community bike ride (over 12) in the Village. The Sag Harbor Police Department has graciously offered bike-patrol officers to assist with these rides. Press will be invited and local businesses will be offered the opportunity to sponsor refreshments in an effort to both publicize the events and increase participation of interested Village parties in “greening” Sag Harbor Village. Yours, Sinead FitzGibbon, Dennis Loebs for Spokespeople

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