Saturday, April 12, 2008

ideas crystalize while at LT

The Velotron is installed but not up and running yet: however, while hitting UNDER OVERS (LT intervals) in the basement this week (at 5.40 am), my mental wheels are spinning, thinking of ways to combine a dissertation, with my own interests in cycling.. I am developing a kernel of an idea for the D.Sc research project that I can carry out at work with my patient population, perfecting the frankensteining before I test our local athletes.. Observation#1: there is little normative data regarding right/ left lower extremity differences in power output / spin scan using Velotron or Computrainer Observation #2: there is no normative data in the scientific literature searched so far, regarding the same data in injured cyclists or injured athletes (some information re: Biodex isokinetic testing: not functional testing using real-world equipment, especially bikes) Observation #3: such data could be helpful in determining a) normative right-left differences in an uninjured population: b) sub-clinical diferences, potential problems: c) observation and analysis of a recuperating athlete post-surgery or post-injury: d) developing rehabilitation guidelines for cyclists or injured athletes using Velotron / Computrainer in conjunction with physiotherapy protocols: e) testing the effect of an intervention strategy (weight training, plyometric training, cycling specific training etc) on a normal and /or injured population.. oh the wheels are spinning indeed.. the first session of school is postponed until Feb 2009, so I have time to dwell on this a little.. oh yea, and to figure out the Velotron! 7 days to departure for China.. Tour of Chongming here we come.. and warm up that sake for me would ye?..

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